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We’re using 3D-printing tech to relieve shortages of personal protective equipment in Newfoundland and Labrador


What's our edge?

PolyUnity aims to bridge the competency gap between 30 million global healthcare professionals by providing access to gold standard learning simulations without price being an obstacle. PolyUnity leverages 3D printing and code-generated design frameworks to develop low-cost, high-fidelity medical simulation task trainers.   



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Design Custom Sims

Design Custom Sims

Order from our shop, or request customized products! PolyUnity 3D prints and ships orders. New sim models are added regularly! 


Design Custom Sims

Design Custom Sims

Design Custom Sims

We consider our design clients as our partners. Leveraging our unique design PolyProcess, we offer a competitive design rate with efficient turnover. Partners may also qualify for future royalty, discounts and modifications. 


Medical 3D Printing Consultancy

PolyUnity Web App (Coming soon!)

PolyUnity Web App (Coming soon!)

We leverage 3D printing technology to reduce cost for our products and make it accessible to healthcare professionals. We extend that passion to offer consultations to our clients to help them setup their 3D printers and reduce their overall simulation budgets.


PolyUnity Web App (Coming soon!)

PolyUnity Web App (Coming soon!)

PolyUnity Web App (Coming soon!)

To fulfill our global vision, PolyUnity is developing a subscription-based digital repository of medical simulation models allowing access to our designs globally at a fraction of the cost per unit!   


Why choose us for custom designs?

Design clients are our partners

What designing services do we offer?

  • Full Design Deliverable -  Develop any custom healthcare simulation model! PolyUnity's unique PolyProcess ensures the client is involved at every step, playing an active role in the development to suit their needs. Upon completion the client receives a digital file and a physically 3D printed model. We encourage our clients to setup their own 3D printers and reduce simulation expenses drastically. For every digital file we provide to our client we ensure it's configured for their native 3D printer and can print as is. All full design packages come with extended free customer support.

  • Minor Design Deliverable - For clients who already have a 3D design or an existing simulation model and only need minor modifications.   

Why do we say partners?

  • Free Consultation: For any full design project PolyUnity offers free quotes and consultation until a formal project proposal is accepted by the client.

  • Competitive Design Rate: Lowest possible cost for you, with reliable outcomes.

  • Future Royalty: We work with you to create mutual success!

  • Acknowledgement: Provided on printed models and on web app.



Perineal Repair




Upper airway obstruction is a time-sensitive, life-threatening situation. Immediate access to a stable airway source is vital to patient survival. A cricothyrotomy may be performed under these circumstances to establish such an airway.

The ability to perform this task in a high-pressure environment takes skill only developed through experiential learning. 

The PolyUnity Cricothyrotomy task trainer allows personnel that will face such critical environments to become comfortable with their skills before being faced with a life-saving situation. 


Perineal Repair




An uncontrolled rupture of an eardrum can have devastating consequences. In an activity such as diving, this becomes a realistic risk. 

Performing a myringotomy is a highly technical skill. In an emergency situation however, it can be life-changing. 

Made in conjunction with the Department of Anesthesiology at Memorial University of Newfoundland for the Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association Annual Scientific Meeting, the PolyUnity Emergency Myringotomy model provides an opportunity for valuable practical skills training for an emergency procedure.  

Perineal Repair

Perineal Repair

Perineal Repair



Immediately post-partum from vaginal delivery, many women experience “tearing” of the perineal area. 

It is an important skill in the toolkit of any practitioner that will be performing vaginal deliveries to be able to repair the tear. 

Made in conjunction with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Memorial University of Newfoundland along with Team Broken Earth, the PolyUnity Perineal Repair model allows practitioners to practice the unique skill of post-partum perineal repairs in an effective manner. 

Uterus Repair

Testicular Palpation

Perineal Repair



Cesarean sections are an important and common form of childbirth. Immediately post-partum, surgeons must be able to appropriately repair the incision created in the uterus to control bleeding in an incredibly vascular organ. 

Made in conjunction with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Memorial University of Newfoundland along with Team Broken Earth, the PolyUnity Uterus model allows practitioners to make incisions of their choosing to practice the unique skill of post-partum uterine repairs. 

The model can be used for practicing horizontal as well as vertical incision repairs. 

Suturing Gauntlet

Testicular Palpation

Testicular Palpation



Suturing is an important skill in the toolkit of any medical practitioner and beyond. 

The PolyUnity Suturing Gauntlet allows individuals to build and refine their suturing skills a more realistic environment, by having a colleague wear the protective gauntlet on their arm. This allows the individual to interact with the person while suturing, as would occur in real life. 

Supplemented by PolyUnity Simulation Skin, the model is available in a variety of sizes to suit the needs of all individuals.  

Testicular Palpation

Testicular Palpation

Testicular Palpation



Testicular cancer is a disease with disastrous outcomes that predominantly affects young men. 

Self-examination is an important part of screening for testicular masses, to ensure that curative measures can be taken before the disease spreads. 

Made in conjunction with the Department of Urology at Memorial University of Newfoundland, the PolyUnity Testicular Palpation model can be used by practitioners and other related disciplines to provide hands-on education for men to practice self-examination. 

The model provides education on a variety of sizes of testicular masses to ensure men know what to feel for when performing self-examination. 

Intraosseus Humerus Infusion

Intraosseus Humerus Infusion

Intraosseus Humerus Infusion



If a patient requires fluid resuscitation but intravenous access is no longer available, intraosseus infusion can be life-saving. 

Creating the port for such an infusion is a highly technical skill that requires practice to ensure practitioner capability. 

Made in conjunction with the Carbonear Institute for Rural Research and Innovation by the Sea (CIRRIS), the PolyUnity Intraosseus Humerus Infusion model provides critical hands-on learning opportunities for medical practitioners for a life-saving skill. 

Simulation Skin

Intraosseus Humerus Infusion

Intraosseus Humerus Infusion



As the largest organ in the body and the human barrier to the external environment, having skin is vital for many functions. 

Simulation skin is an important part of many simulations to increase realism, as the first step is often to incise the skin. Suturing skills may also be mastered! 

The PolyUnity Simulation Skin comes in sizes compatible with your PolyUnity task trainer products. 

Custom size orders may also be requested!

Please contact for price and order inquiries at this time!

How to: Cricothyrotomy Simulation

Dr. Geoff Zbitnew demonstrates how to use a Cricothyrotomy Simulation model. 

How we do it: Design, 3D print, Prototype

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